Englefield Concert events, Friday 6 – Sunday 8 July

Three concert events are to be held in the Englefield estate on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July. Up to 10,000 people could attend, which could cause considerable congestion if not managed.

To this end, West Berkshire Council has agreed the following traffic management with the organisers.

  1. Traffic arriving on the A340 from the north will turn right into the main gate of Englefield opposite Englefield Road. To facilitate the entry and exit phases, traffic lights have been authorised as necessary.
  2. Traffic arriving from the south will turn left into Common Hill and enter the estate via a private entrance. On departure traffic will be directed south on Bostock Lane to join the A4 turning left to then disperse via the A340 Theale roundabout. To facilitate this, one way traffic has been authorised on Common Hill and Bostock Lane, traffic lights will be used on the Bostock Lane/A4 junction as necessary.
  3. There will be no access to the event from The Street, which will remain open for residents only, and parking restrictions will be in place.

To avoid traffic cutting through Theale village, closures have been authorised at the A340 junction of North Street, Englefield Road and the unnamed road to the Green. These will be used if necessary. In addition there will be a 30 mph speed limit on Common Hill and the A340, and parking restrictions as necessary.

The entry phase is anticipated to be from 1500 until 1900.  Exit will be from 2200 until 2359.

Cuff and Taylor are the organisers of the events. They are experienced with such events, and enquiries should be addressed to them on 01772 585 935.

An outline of the traffic management can be viewed on roadworks.org under the following link: Englefield Concert events.