West Berkshire Council is seeking your views on how it can make savings across a whole range of services it currently provides.  The most immediate impact for our village are likely to affect:

  • Libraries

  • Public Toilets

  • Bus Services


 This is our chance to say what is important to us and be creative about how we can respond to this challenge.  If you care about Pangbourne and the facilities and services we have available here, please respond to the current West Berkshire Consultation on Savings Proposals by Friday 13th December 2013


Make Your Views Known NOW and Spread the Word!!

Further information and  Feedback Forms are available via the West Berkshire Council website ( or  Pangbourne Parish Council’s website and Twitter Feeds [   ] or via the Pangbourne Parish Office (984 1118) and the Library.

 (If you wish to let the Parish Council know your views please send them separately via [] or at the Parish Office.)

One Comment

  1. webmaster
    Dec 10, 2013

    We have received the following feedback to this article:

    Please – please do not cut your costs by closing the toilets in the recreation ground or by the village hall in Pangbourne.
    My family live in Pangbourne and I visit on a very regular basis. I travel up by train from West Sussex. When passing the Village Hall I find these conveniences very neccessary after my long train journey ( 3 hours). I need frequent stops as an elderly person. Elderly people coming into the village from the stroumding villages need them desperately. I have seen many people using them while waiting or getting off the bus. Also your own council workmen and refuse collectors using them.

    As for the recreation ground. I have a very large family and we gather together for games of rounders, picnics and the children also enjoy the play area. Where would you like us to go, particularly the children, who when enjoying themselves leave the opportunity for a toilet until the last minute.

    The closures of these facilities would be a disgrace. Where I live, the council closed a set of toilets. The outcome. Using trees and bushes. I know I will be very embarrassed if I cannot make it to my family’s home, as I am 76 and know I will have an accident. I am not the only person having to cope with stress incontinence.
    Surely this is a matter of health and safety.

    I strongly object to these toilets being closed. On the positive. They are lovely and clean and I have always told my council to improve their facilities to your standard.

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