Travellers on Pangbourne Meadow

A group of travellers moved onto Pangbourne Meadow late on 12th June. The Parish Council made contact with the West Berkshire Council Traveller Liaison Officer, and the Thames Valley Police. The Chairman met with the travellers on Wednesday 13th June in the presence of two police officers, and gave them an Incursion Pack.

A Claim was served on the travellers, and notices posted, on Tuesday 19th June. A court hearing took place on Friday 22nd June, and Pangbourne Parish Council were granted a possession order on the Meadow. The order was enforced on Tuesday 26th June at 10.00am, and the Writ of Possession was signed at 11.30am, stating that the Parish Council had accepted vacant possession of the land.

The Parish Council are taking measures to ensure that land is secured from future incursions.