Weather Update (7/1/11)

Weather update for the weekend:

As cold air digs down from the north, it will meet a band of rain pushing up from the south and the rain could well turn to snow for a time as the band moves northwards across the southeast region. There is considerable uncertainty as to how much snow there might be and exactly when the worst of it might occur. We could see some snow during Thursday but more probably on Friday. An advisory has been issued for Friday (see but watch out later this afternoon as there is a possibility that another may be issued for late Thursday.

Basically there is a risk of some snow from late Thursday onwards though Friday. As the band of snow moves northwards, it will turn back to rain. We may see several centimetres of snow for a time, particularly over hills and more especially to the north of the M4 corridor. However, as I said, the snow should turn back to rain so the accumulation of snow looks like being be a fairly temporary affair albeit it could cause some disruption while it is around.

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