Finance & Compliance Committee


Mr R Holden (Chairman)
Mr G Hurley (Vice-chair)
Mr J Higgs
Mr P MacIver
Mr T Saunders

What does it do?

It ensures that the Council and its officers conduct its business according to the high standards of probity, efficiency and transparency that nowadays are expected in every tier of local government.

The Committee’s duties are to review the financial regulations and standing orders of the Council, including all policies and procedures for the assessment and management of risk, to oversee the remuneration of the Clerk and ensure the adequacy of the Council’s insurance cover.

At an operational level, the Committee oversees and checks the accuracy of bank statements and any other financial instruments, together with contracts of employment, legal documents, compliance with safety regulations and minutes and agenda files. The Committee is also responsible for preparing a three-year financial plan and recommending an annual precept for the approval of the Council.

It also ensures full compliance with the Local Government Code of Conduct which every member of the Council is required to observe.


Notice Of Audit

AGAR Section 1 2 BE0060

AGAR Section 3 BE0060 IS3

Final report – BE0060 FRC

Signed Notice of Conclusion of Audit