Farm Gates – Coronavirus Period

Rights of way near to people’s homes can provide a great place to exercise, but some footpaths and bridleways go very near to people’s homes and to working farms and stables. At this time of year, farm animals and wildlife are rearing young, so it can also be a sensitive time when particular care is needed.

Requests when using Local Rights of Way

When using public footpaths and bridleways for your daily exercise, please:

    We have been requested by local landowners to ask residents NOT TO TIE OPEN GATES. Some landowners do tie gates open at this time to avoid the need for path users to touch the gate, however this is not always possible especially where there is livestock in fields. As a member of the public please do not tamper with gates yourselves.
  • Many wild animals are now rearing young, as are livestock on farmland – stay on paths and keep dogs on a lead around livestock and away from other people or dogs.
  • Consider using any alternative routes suggested that enable you to avoid going near houses and working farm or stable areas.
  • Hand wash or sanitise when you return home.
  • Keep the recommended distance if you encounter other users, farm workers or landowners – 2 metres (6 feet) apart.