The Committee and the Council have an advisory role on planning applications. They are not empowered to accept or reject any applications, which are initially sent to West Berkshire Council. The Parish Council then receives a copy of each application for comment by the Planning Committee. Pangbourne Library also gets a copy directly from WBC and will make this available for inspection by any interested party.

The Committee considers each application in the light of the current national planning framework, the Village Design Statement and any concerns or objections raised by local residents. The Committee then makes a recommendation to the full Council, which may be to support, object, or simply comment on some particular aspect of the application.

The timescale for recommendations is three weeks, during which Committee members visit the property concerned and, where possible, adjacent house owners. The short time period and the number of applications typically received oblige the Committee to meet at least once a month, in addition to the full Council meetings.

Most applications are decided by WBC’s planning department, but if ten or more Pangbourne residents object to a particular application or if our District Councillor is so minded, the application is referred to the Eastern Area Planning Committee, which is made up of WBC councillors. At these meetings interested parties may make verbal representations, usually for not more than five minutes.

To access planning applications on the West Berkshire District Council’s website follow this link:

Planning Applications


If you have any comments for the Planning committee about an application, please contact the Clerk (

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