Pangbourne is at the convergence of two major trunk roads, and a bridge over the River Thames. This unfortunately leads to frequent traffic congestion. This is often worse when roadworks are taking place. We have no responsibility for roadworks, but we do try to work with the Highways Team at West Berkshire Council to minimize disruption. We also try to keep residents informed - we are able to be most responsive on our social media channels, especially when roadworks are commenced under emergency powers. Information about current roadworks can be found here:


West Berkshire Council Roadworks Map

West Berkshire Council is the authority which approves roadworks, so their roadworks map is most likely to be authoritative on any future roadworks.

One Network - Roadworks

One Network provides roadworks information to utilities and logistics companies amongst others. They provide a configurable map of all current and future roadworks.

Pangbourne Parish Council Facebook page

We do our best to keep roadworks news as up to date as possible here. Residents can also post updates in replies to posts.