Coronavirus Vaccinations

Published: 19 January 2021

A message from Pangbourne GP Surgery regarding Coronavirus vaccinations:

We are being swamped by people phoning to try and book a Covid vaccine or ask when they will be getting their turn, or they think they missed a phone call, etc. We have clear messaging on our website, on our phone message and there is a national campaign that patients must not phone us, we will contact them, but it simply isn’t working!

We have a specially trained team of booking agents working tirelessly, even over New Year’s Eve bank holiday weekend, to contact eligible patients as quickly as possible, and in a very short time frame, we need to let them do their job – they will repeatedly try to get hold of everyone.

Reception are not trained to book Covid vaccine appointments, and they must remain available for regular, daily patient needs and helping acute sick people, so these phone calls are entirely pointless as reception cannot help or get them booked any quicker, they’re just wasting a lot of time and preventing sick people getting through.

Please can you and the rest of the Patient Participation Group really help spread the message: PLEASE do not phone us regarding Covid vaccine bookings, we WILL phone you. Any if we miss you, we will phone you again, and again until we get hold of you!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

Rosie Barker
Practice Manager
Pangbourne Medical Practice