Thanks to Volunteers

Published: 18 March 2021

We have received this lovely note of recognition from the Community Support Hub at West Berkshire Council, for the joint response to the Covid emergency from the churches, Boathouse Surgery and Parish Council. We would like to add our voice of thanks to all those wonderful residents who stepped forward this time last year, and since, for your generous response to our call for help. We really do live in a very warm-hearted community.

If anyone is in need of support, you can still contact us to connect you to a volunteer good neighbour.

Good afternoon,

As we mark a year since the first national lockdown, all of us at West Berkshire Council would like to share our deepest gratitude for the tremendous support you and your teams have provided residents during these very challenging times. It has been a privilege for the Community Support Hub and other colleagues to work with you, especially to provide much needed assistance to the more vulnerable members of our community.

We have prepared the attached Certificate of Recognition to acknowledge your group's amazing mobilisation of help and support. Indeed, the numbers and speed of reaction by our villages and towns to meet the needs of their local communities throughout the pandemic and lockdown measures continue to be truly outstanding.

In addition, we are honoured to forward you the attached open letter to voluntary and community groups, signed by both the chair of the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (TVLRF) and the Strategic Coordinating Group (SCG). Together they thank you for all of the support you provided to your communities throughout the pandemic, particularly the essential support to those individuals within your respective communities who were identified as being clinically extremely vulnerable.

Thank you again to you and your teams for the wonderful, heart-warming work that you do.


Vicky Phoenix
Principal Policy Officer (Communities)

Building Communities Together Team

Letter from Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum
Certificate of Recognition