Goring Gap Players

Published: 05 March 2024

Goring Gap Players


'Charley's Aunt'

by Brandon Thomas

Set in Oxford University in 1890s, Jack and Charley are both in love and plan to propose to their respective girlfriends, Kitty and Amy. They invite the girls over to meet Charley's millionaire aunt, Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez of Brazil, who is about to visit Charley for the first time.

Chaperones for single girls were essential in the Victorian era, so when the aunt cancels at the last minute, the boys enlist feckless friend, Fancourt 'Babbs' Babberly, dressed in costume as a woman for an amateur play, to impersonate Charley’s aunt and clear the way for the boys' marriage proposals.

However, Babbs, as Charley's aunt, finds himself dealing with fawning admirers and fortune-driven advances of two would-be suitors. Then the real Donna Lucia turns up - incognito ...

Venue:  Goring Village Hall, High Street, Goring-on-Thames RG8 9AG

Dates:  Wednesday 17th April to Saturday 20th April

Times:  Doors Open: 7.30pm Curtain Up: 8.00pm

Tickets:  £12.50 per person

From:  ‘Inspiration’, The Arcade, Goring-on-Thames

  or Jean Betteridge: 01491 873530

  or https://www.trybooking.com/uk/DFSO

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