Pangbourne Heritage Group

Published: 07 March 2024

When I started volunteering at Pangbourne Library some years ago, it struck me that there was an opportunity to highlight some of the archive relating to Pangbourne, built up over the years by the Heritage Group. Since then, we have acquired a collection of photograph albums, booklets, newspaper cuttings, advertisements, past copies of magazines, some donated, some already in the library but not displayed as part of a local studies collection.  

We were given permission to ‘borrow' a few shelves near to the Front Desk, and also to feature a major event in which Pangbourne people had taken part in the form of a display. We showcased the Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth the second, which aroused much interest from those visiting the library. This year, we are planning to out together some of our archive material relating to World War 2 and the build up of training for D Day. The commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D Day on 6 June is a national event, and as Pangbourne trained and prepared troops on the River Meadow from 1940-1944 it is fitting that we show the dedication of so many servicemen to the cause of freedom. The display will be in the library from 28 May to 10 June. 

The Local Studies collection is there for all to use, and we welcome queries which can be passed on to us via the library staff. It is our contribution to perpetuating the story of village life in past times and keeping the heritage alive.  

Lesley Crimp, Jane Rawlins and photos by Ian Crimp