Purley Barn Bridge Club

Published: 25 March 2024


Cross that bridge and join the club - a lot of other people are!

The club meets at the Barn, Goosecroft Lane, Purley every Friday morning at 10. a.m. for 2½ hours of friendly bridge with neighbours and friends from Purley, Pangbourne and surrounding districts. You don't need a partner to play nor do you need any previous experience - although a knowledge of card games, such as whist, would be an advantage.

The origins of the game and its name are shrouded in the mists of time and a trawl of the internet will identify a variety of countries - Turkey, Russia, China and many others, but the modern version of the game is attributed to the American philanthropist Henry Vanderbilt in 1925 during a cruise through the Panama canal to keep him and his rich entourage amused - allegedly as they drank their G & Ts on the bridge of the ship. Whatever the origin it is indisputable that bridge has developed into a phenomenally successful game with nearly 250 million players in the world. There are well over 600 official clubs in the UK but many hundreds if not thousands of local clubs groups and homes where people meet to enjoy their hobby. Bridge is truly a community activity.

Another reason for the huge popularity of the game has been the internet. Most clubs - including Purley Barn of course - operate an on line session. At Purley this takes place every Tuesday at 7 pm for a 2 hour session which is more competitive than the Friday morning social bridge and where a partner can be arranged if you need one. The software is easy to use; you log on and let the software and your computer do the rest - all you do is relax with a drink and snack and click and play. There are many on line bridge sites which you can sign up to for free and play hands nonstop. Or, you can play with friends or better still with Purley Barn.

Bridge is a fascinating and engrossing card game at any level but at the Barn you can mingle with the other players and to socialise over a cuppa and biscuits at half way point. You can have three free sessions and then join either Friday or Tuesday sessions or both, as you wish. Informal coaching is also available if required. For more information telephone Martin on 07746 680183 or visit our web site at: https://www.bridgewebs.com/purleybarnbridge/